Dispute Instructions

The Commission's Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) offers free dispute resolution and mediation services to utility customer account holders and applicants for regulated utility service. The CAD is available to assist consumers with disputes concerning gas, electric, local telephone and certain water and sewer company disputes. CAD's function is to investigate disputes between consumers and utility companies based on applicable laws and utility tariffs, with the intention of assisting the parties in reaching a resolution. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the CAD will issue a series of findings that are binding on the utility and the utility account holder or service applicant if not appealed.

Please note that the Commission's CAD is a dispute resolution office it is not a consumer advocacy office.

Prior to contacting CAD, the utility account holder or applicant for regulated service is required by law to first submit their dispute or inquiry directly to the utility for investigation and response. Only after receiving the utility's response may a consumer dispute a utility determination. To do so, they may submit an inquiry to CAD within 7 days of receipt of the utility's determination. If the consumer contacts CAD prior to contacting the utility or before the utility has been given sufficient time to complete its investigation, the consumer will be referred back to the utility. Disputes may be filed orally or online. CAD may request that the consumer file their dispute in writing. Under those circumstances, the dispute is not filed until all information has been received.

Consumers are required to continue to make payment of all current and undisputed charges while the dispute is under investigation. Failure to make payment of the current and undisputed charges may result in disconnection of service.

Please note that by submitting a complaint you are allowing us to contact the company(ies) noted, and you are agreeing to allow the company(ies) to share with us information about your account. If you do not want us to have this information, please DO NOT file a complaint.